Lakeside Dental Dr. Russell L. Coad, D.D.S.
First visit was really good. I was a bit nervous going to a new dentist, but that didn't last long, the staff really made me feel at ease. They had sent paperwork before my visit and so I was in the "tooth recliner" quick. Every staff member there was more than courteous. I was impressed by the amount of information explaining my dental health & what they could & couldn't do to help. I was referred to an outside specialist to deal with my situation. They aided me by getting all the needed contact info, location, etc etc, and informed me which places accepted my insurance, which saved me a ton of phone calls. I would like to say thank you to making my first visit nothing but a positive one, i had been without insurance for some time, so I was really worried & somewhat ashamed that I hadn't been keeping up with my dental visits like I should. They didn't even bring the why up or the how long. They thoroughly examined me, probably the most thorough exam I have ever had at a dentist. I really believe they don't miss a thing. Dr Coad was really easy to understand once he had made a full prognosis of my dental needs. It was almost like talking to trusted friend or to an esteemed mentor, or someone you trust, which I guess is why I am typing this. Trust is such an overlooked attribute in health care when people look for their health care provider, fast, low cost, convenient location, while Dr Coad has all of that, trust is probably what I felt stood out most about my visit, they really earned it that day. Top notch, precision routines, professional, pleasant & personable staff, clean facility, with awesome view of lake while you lay back, & probably the most important for me, a feeling of being well taken care of. Thanks Dr Coad & kudos to the staff, you've got a good thing going.  -- Erik D.
Enjoy coming in, always a good experience. Look at it more as coming in to visit friends. Good mix of friendliness and professionalism.  -- Steve P.
Much appreciation for squeezing me in before my vacation! Staff was very friendly and service was awesome!
--Sheryl B.
Everyone is always very friendly and thorough. Have been coming to Dr. Coad for years and will continue to.
 -- Natasha P.
From the first time I called till the end of my appointment, it was a great experience. The staff was very nice. The facility was a nice, welcoming place when you entered the door. I was received with a smile. Wait time was minimal. But they were nice enough to work me in so I expected a long wait time. Then Dr. Coad came in. He introducted himself. was very professional, yet friendly. I have already recommended him to anyone needing a dentist. And I will go back. A big thank you to everyone who had a part in my visit.
 -- Janice D.
Russell is very good with his patients and he even took the time to call me 2 days after my root canal to see how i was doing. -- Jack W.
During a routine dental exam, Dr. Coad noticed excessive wear on my teeth and suggested that I was probably grinding my teeth at night while I slept. This I confirmed by my wife's comments that I indeed did grind my teeth at night and this kept her awake on many a night. Dr. Coad suggested that I should have an appliance or teeth guard to prevent further damage from the grinding. I did agree after some hesitation. He took some impressions and made a guard for my lower set of teeth. After some modifications I took the guard home and wore it that night. It was rather bothersome the first week but I became used to it in the following weeks. My wife said she did not hear any grinding and as a bonus it helped calm the louder snoring as well. One drawback I have noticed is excessive salivating with the guard in place. I would recommend a teeth guard to those who grind their teeth while asleep but make sure the guard fits well and is as small as possible. -- Dale W.
My first time there as a new patient, they were very attentive & made sure i was taken care of. They did a great job walking me through, explaining all the procedures. Overall , i'm very impressed with their services & dental work! -- Jessenia G.
Snoring and sleepless nights have stopped! Thank you Dr. Coad!! The one piece appliance that you designed specifically for my mouth works perfectly. Not only is my spouse getting a full nights sleep but so am I. Much to my surprise, my embarrassing problem was also keeping me awake. The anti snoring device is comfortable and was inexpensive. Never would I have thought my dentist would have the professional expertise to solve my sleep problem. Thank you Dr. Coad!